Found Friday: Casey’s Clock


Well, after searching to complete this week’s find…I can see why Casey wrote in for help! A seemingly easy search, right? A small, bedside alarm clock. There are many options available – but finding one that’s appealing enough to be the first thing you look at EVERY morning…whew.

Casey, I hope one of these lovelies will work for you!

1. Newgate Empire Alarm Clock. The retro, yet modern feel of these Newgate clocks would work in any setting.. £35

2. Newgate Bubble Alarm Clock. A fun punch of color exudes a playful vibe. Also comes in neutrals. £2

3. Karlsson LED Cube Clock. I love the modern display on the rustic wood! $86.

4. Howard Miller Abigail Clock. I was first drawn to the color, and then the vintage feel. $35.

5. 1949 Big Ben. A classic that’s been re-issued in many cute colors. This is one of my personal fave on the list. $34.50.

6.  Bang & Olufsen Beotime. This flute-like clock made me smile, so I had to share. At this price, a picture is good enough for me. $375.

7. Wood LED Clock. Definitely more on the modern side…$175.

if you have an item you’d like help finding, leave a comment on this post OR send me an email @ the


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