Found Friday: Words for Walls!


If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile – you’ll know of my love for letterpress.  I couldn’t resist these amazing posters from Paper Jam Press that make me happy in that I have to own one NOW kind of way. Handmade, letterpress from Brooklyn – these clever pieces combine the beauty of letterpress with the wit and humor of rap. Genius!!  Trying to decide which to hang in G’s music room.   Arianna, the designer behind these genius prints was kind enough to share her story with us!


SB:  How did you get started in letterpress?

Arianna:  I got into letterpress because I missed making physical objects. I started my design career as more of a hybrid (print and interactive) but over the last several years the majority of my projects have beeb web. I’m always looking for ways to express my creativity away from the computer. I was hungry for the tactile again. Paper, ink, and the physical act of creation, rather than clicks and photons of the virtual.

SB:  Where do you find your inspiration?

Arianna:  I’m visually insatiable and love to look at things. I find inspiration all over NYC and the streets of my neighborhood, Williamsburg. Brooklyn. I’m a big fan of street art and Williamsburg is teeming with it. I’m a curious person and can spend hours in a bookstore flipping through stacks of books. I go to museums and galleries whenever I can. When I’m not soaking in NYC in I go to the internet. I like sites Wooster Collective, Swiss Miss, and Smashing Magazine.

Thanks to Arianna for sharing her design inspiration with us!  These designs AND more are available online at Paper Jam Press.  All are $29.99.  Buy yours today!

Photos courtesy of Naomi White (


2 Responses to “Found Friday: Words for Walls!”

  1. 1 casey September 25, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    love these jill- I’m ordering mine today!

  2. 2 Arianna Orland September 28, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    Thanks Casey and thanks Someday Blog for your kind words!

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