3 Questions for Kenwood Studios


My mega-talented friend, Casey Green, has turned her passion for interior decorating into Kenwood Studios. Kenwood Studios is her online studio geared towards helping you create the perfect space for your life. She’ll walk you through the process step-by-step for setting the perfect room, complete with where to buy each piece she suggests (examples above.)  Having seen her beautiful house (images below) in person I’m so excited that she’s decided to share her talents with others!  For a complete tour of her home, see her design*sponge feature here.

See Casey’s work here, and check out her fabulous services here (prices start @ just $100.)

SB: How did you discover your passion (and obvious knack) for interior decorating?

Casey: I’ve been designing clothing and accessories for over 10 years, so I’ve always loved color and pattern, and adding special little details wherever I could. After I bought my first condo, I had this “aha” moment where I was like WOW – decorating is like putting an outfit together for your room!

From that point on, I was pretty fearless about renovating and trying new things. So much of what I’ve learned in the fashion industry applies to interiors – all the concepts about balance, contrast color, mixing patterns…it all boils down to making things pretty!



SB: How do you help people define their style

Casey: Well first, let me say that style is very subjective, and you can surely love more than one. There’s no wrong answer in choosing a style for your home. As long as it reflects your personality and incorporates the things you love, I’d call it a success. When I’m planning a room, I like to start by having the client look at photos of different styles of rooms. This exposes them to ideas they may not have considered before and gives them an opportunity to move into something new.

If you’re looking to define your existing style (and not looking to find a new one) then a great way to start is by looking at all the little items around your house. The unnecessary things that you buy for fun – vases, pillows and books can really tell a story.

Look for consistencies – do you always buy a certain color, do you gravitate to a particular pattern? Do you like sleek, modern accessories – or do you pick up flea market treasures along the way? The answers can help you set the foundation for the room.

SB: Where do you find your inspiration?

Casey: I can be inspired by almost anything – a piece of furniture, a great picture, an interesting color combination – I can be excited about a shocking number of things! Seriously…you would’ve thought I won the lottery when I found an old brass pear at a vintage store this past weekend!

I love antique stores and flea markets for one-of-a-kind pieces that can set the whole tone for a room.

I’m endlessly inspired by textiles and wallpaper patterns. Even if I don’t end up using that particular item in the room, it can help define the color palette or give me an idea on how to mix textures and shapes.

I used to be obsessed with magazines, but with the sad state of shelter publications, I’ve turned to blogs to fill the void. My favorites right now are Design*Sponge, Peacock Feather Events, A Creative Mint and Decor8.

Thanks Casey for sharing your someday story with us!


1 Response to “3 Questions for Kenwood Studios”

  1. 1 carrie October 29, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    I love the design Casey made for my living room. I finally want to sit in there and relax. Thanks for posting this great find!

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