Gifts for Giving: Guys

So excited to share today’s gifts for giving with you.  3 very different guys have given me some help today to ensure – no matter what type of guy you’re shopping for, we’ve got him covered!  Click here to see all of someday’s gift guides.

First up, meet Phil.

My wife would describe me as equal parts music junkie, tech nerd and home improvement hero. If your better half falls into any of these categories, here’s my gift suggestions below.


$10-$25 Vinyl Records

With iPods, iTunes, MP3s and all music going digital, I’ve recently reverted to vinyl records. Mind you, it’s not because I’m an audiophile (digital music is so much easier to deal with) but albums just look cooler when they’re 12″ x 12″. A friend of mine actually plays his records…I just look at them as a piece of art. An added bonus is that most new releases come with a digital copy or CD packaged inside. A great site I’ve found for new releases is Most new releases are under $20 with quite a few under $15.

UNDER $100

$69  Apple Magic Mouse

One of my crazy obsessions is having a home with no cords showing. Seriously, none. In my efforts to combat cords I picked up this new wireless mouse from Apple. It looks cool, it works well, it incorporates new multi-touch technologies…and most importantly it doesn’t have any cords. What else could you want in a computer peripheral?

$79.50 Lacoste Polo Shirt

Recently, to make my life easier, I started wearing polos 95% of the time. Why, I don’t know…but obviously a decision like that necessitates a good fitting polo. Anyone from my dad to the “cool kids” have been known to wear Lacoste, so it’s pretty safe bet that this will be a winner.


$249.99 VOX AC4TV

Guitar amps are awesome…and loud. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t always appreciate my awesome guitar playing at extreme volumes. A real dilemma. Luckily, this amp sounds great at low volumes and best of all you can adjust the power output down from 4 watts to 1 watt…all the way down to 1/4 watt….meaning you can sound great without bothering anyone.

$1300  Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Alright, this is a crazy one…but it’s my dream saw. Yes, there is such thing as a “dream saw”. It has everything, lasers that are actually helpful, efficient dust extraction and clamps where you need them. Better yet, it’s compact while still being able to easily cut wider baseboards and crown moldings.

Next up , meet Graham.

Graham’s wife (that’s me:) describes him as a man obsessed by his hobbies.  His hobbies rotate frequently – and his current obsessions are fly-fishing, grilling on his Big Green Egg and of course, Texas football.

Under $25:
$30  Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit

OK, so it’s $30.  Sue me.  I’ve had a distant interest in making my own beer for a while, but the whole process seems intimidating and requires too much space.  These guys have designed a kit that lets you brew small quantities in a small amount of space and seem to de-mystify the process.

Under $100:
$79, The Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch

There’s a theme here.  448 pages of leather-bound and personalized reading about single malts.  Sounds like the perfect companion to an evening of sampling some of the same.

$99 Klipsch In-Ear Headset
Most earbuds suck.  These are supposed to not suck.  Klipsch is a great name in audio and these double as a phone headset with iPod controls built intot he cord so you can keep your iPod tucked away.

If money were no object:

$1,099 Yeti Cooler

I bet you had no idea it was possible to spend $1,100 on a cooler.  Meet Yeti.  This is the sort of thing that I would never spend my own money on (lottery winnings excluded), but these are so damn cool.  Bear proof.  Holds ice for days.  Doubles as a seat or casting platform on a boat.  I want one.

Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser

These guys don’t seem to have anything available for sale at the moment, but one day I hope to own one of their awesome restorations of a classic Toyota Land Cruiser.  These aren’t the luxury mobiles you see today, but restorations and upgrades to the bulletproof Land Cruiser’s of the 70’s and 80’s when people used to…get this…take their SUV’s off the pavement.

These guys seek out low mileage Land Cruiser from southern states.  Why southern states, you ask?  No salt on the roads means less chance of rust on the body panels.  They meticulously restore them, add some modern conveniences where appropriate and hand you the keys to the coolest SUVs going that will hold their value.

And last, meet Scott.  Scott is my fashion friend – he knows every obscure label, cool guy gadget and latest restaurant to open.  He’s my go-to when I need fashion advice for guys.
Under 25: Gift cards, especially Starbucks… heck, I’ll take a Starbucks gift card at any domination.  They are more precious than gold.

Under 100
:  The new Apple Magic Mouse or fancy soap that a guy will never buy himself but like to use.

Any Price
:  I need a new pair of JEAN SHOP Jeans, I just had to wash my old pair, they smelled like China.


2 Responses to “Gifts for Giving: Guys”

  1. 1 LM December 7, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Love G’s picks!

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