2010 Life List in Progress

Fresh off a vacation that really connected me with my thoughts, the outdoors and the things I enjoy, it got me thinking on my 2010 list progress.  And while I can’t say I’ve done a stellar job staying focused and on track with the list, I’ve had an amazing year thus far.  I’ve spent lots of great time with friends and family, traveled and had created amazing experiences, loved my work and my new crafts I pick up along the way and all in all made many wonderful memories!  And that was the point of the list…to live life to the fullest – so on that one, check!

As for the rest of the list:

*Practice photography.  I’ve had a blast with this – between my real camera and favorite Hipstamatic app, my flickr account is staying current!  I’m really enjoying looking back at all the shots I’ve captured and also at learning new tricks in both photography and photoshop.

*Host a simple dinner party monthly.  I hate to admit this is one that I’m dragging on…I have cooked a lot, just haven’t hosted as many friends as I like to do.  But now that we’re starting to be a bit more settled in the house, I’m planning reinstating Sunday Funday dinner parties!

*Less stress, more time to relax, reflect and refresh.  I’ve been keeping up with my yoga, walking, gratitude journals and just generally being thankful.  I have really enjoyed the time I’ve spent doing these things.  My mind, creative spirit and my outlook are much better off when I’ve had some of this time in my day.

*Monthly craft creations.  I’ve been a little spotty on this one, such a shame!  I’ve completed lots of home projects, but few craft projects.  My list of to-do crafting projects is bursting with inspiration and ideas that I can’t wait to tackle!  Soon…

*Continue to evolve The Someday Blog and my writing style.  I’ve definitely loved this one…going on 13 months (yeah!!) here at the blog and I’ve loved writing and researching for every bit of it.  It’s even spurred me to start seriously thinking about some of my other someday dreams that I’ve kept pushing out.  Watch for those to make more of an appearance here soon…

Some new things I’m adding to the list.

*I got really inspired by the healthy lifestyles of my brother, his girlfriend and amazing group of friends in Bozeman, MT this weekend.  I’m going to train for and complete one triathlon by the end of the year.  (i’m writing this down so you can all check in on me and make sure i get it done…)

*Spend more time in our yard.  I love to work with dirt – which I never actually thought I would say – and my black thumb is slowly becoming a bit greener…

That’s it for today!  How’s your 2010 been?  Can you believe it’s over HALF way to 2011?  Me either…

xoxo, jill.


1 Response to “2010 Life List in Progress”

  1. 1 Melissa July 14, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Wow, I love your life list. It’s really making me feel inspired!

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