Flying and Life Lists

I love flying.  It’s the one time in my week that I really unplug.  No calls, texts or emails to distract me – just time to reflect and think.  I used my Los Angeles flight time this weekend to ponder my life list and what I can do to make sure I’m living my life to get the most out of my list.  If you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ve seen me write about this here and here.

My life list is organized around three major themes:

Live a creatively curious life.

Lead a healthy, happy life.

Spend more time with the people who make me happy.

I strive to make sure what I spend my time on fills one of these buckets…and on my flight, I crafted the following checklist to help me stay focused.

Daily Activities:

Blog Ritual – dedicated time each day to writing and research

Daily activity that I enjoy – yoga, walking, swimming.

Dedicated white space on my work calendar to allow me to be creative and curious.


Breakfast date with my husband.

Minimum two hours of dedicated craft time per week.

Yoga class with my mom.


Monthly dinner parties or craft Saturdays with family and friends.

Monthly date with my husband to try new things – more museum visits, concerts, exploring nature.

I’ll let you know how this new plan goes!


1 Response to “Flying and Life Lists”

  1. 1 shayO September 10, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    great life list jill! im inspired to do one too 🙂

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