Life on the Road

In the past week, I’ve seen three countries and five cities all across Asia.  Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Seoul and Hong Kong.  And tomorrow I begin my long journey back home to Dallas.  I’m so full of inspiration, my camera and my brain are both bursting at the seams!  A few lessons I’m hoping stick with me when I get back home into my routine:

*Be adventurous.  I was so pleasantly surprised when I decided to just go with the flow on this trip…I tried every food that was put in front of me and in most cases really enjoyed the various and distinct foods I tried!  Grilled sardines, kimchi, a rice and fish paste ‘popsicle’ – all things I tried and mostly loved.  I also jumped on a train from Osaka to Kyoto for an unplanned detour!  In doing so, I got to experience one of the most beautiful, peaceful and serene places I’ve ever been: a Buddhist temple.  Most days, I tend to try to micro-manage my life, never leaving time to explore or be spontaneous.  And in letting that go for at least this week, I lived life fuller and happier.

*Unplug every now and then.  During my time in Korea and Japan, I was without cell phone service and after the initial shock and tremors wore off – I really enjoyed being aware and tuned into my surroundings.  Free to focus on details and beauty around me, I found great inspiration every where I turned.  I spend so much of my day running between meetings and alternately emailing from my blackberry and iPhone that I fail to see the beauty in the everyday.

*Take time to rest and refresh.  I was able to escape the normal jet-lag of an Asia trip by taking care of my body and going to bed early each night when tired, instead of trying to cram in one more thing before bed!  And to refresh I found time to swim or do yoga nearly every day.  The downtime is much needed to be ready for all life throws my way…

Here’s hoping my life lessons can help you too…I’m signing off until Thursday when I’ll be back in Dallas and getting settled into my (new and improved) routine at home.

xoxo, jill.


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