Three Questions for Judy Kaufmann

I stumbled upon Judy Kaufmann’s work recently, and it was love at first sight!  This super talented illustrator from Barcelona instantly drew me in…

Her whimsical use of color, conversational content and modern design had me wanting to find out more and more about  her work and process.  So I asked her to share with us her answers to three simple questions…

Someday Girl: I adore your work – so modern, playful and fun.  Where do you find your inspiration?
Judy: As I always say I’m  especially inspired by things I don’t understand, don’t know, don’t know how to do or I am not. A lot of things that do not belong to my life inspire me. I’m amazed by the unexpected, the unknown, the magic, not the trick… On the other hand I also have a bizarre and explosive inspiration rush when I go to museums and galleries and get involved with different colors and formats, whether I like what I’m seeing or not. After the experience of a good exposition, it’s impossible for me not to sit at my desk to draw.

SG Name three things we’d be surprised to find in your studio/ workspace?
Judy: On my desk wall I have a picture of Linda Evangelista and other one of Charlotte Gainsbourg; they both have an inspiring beauty (: I also have a big panel with different colors printed where I can see how they behave together, apart from many different pictures and small illustrations. Maybe the most liked is an old french poster saying “Travaillez en Silence” (Work in Silence)

SG: Describe your perfect day to create.
Judy: Waking up at 9AM, turn on the heater in winter and then to sit to read my new emails. After that I have breakfast and  think about the order of the day. I try to answer emails an make phone calls first in the morning. If is not to frozen outside, I always go to the swimming pool, and then all afternoon is to create. I make at least one new drawing per day. That’s my perfect and my most common day of work.

Thanks Judy for sharing your inspiration and your work with us.  I’m inspired to have my own perfect day of creating soon too!!  See more of Judy’s work here and here.


1 Response to “Three Questions for Judy Kaufmann”

  1. 1 Kelly December 14, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Love her work!! thanks for sharing : )

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