Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends!

I love making lists.  That much you know.  And you know it wouldn’t be a new year if I didn’t make at least a small list of somedays I aspire to accomplish in the coming year.

nutella cupcakes

*Find and perfect my signature meal.  From appetizer to dessert, I want to become really, really good at making one great meal from start to finish.  I may have already found my dessert which I shared on Eat.Live.Shop here.

*Sew.  Paint.  Photograph.  Get crafty.  Lots.

*Do one thing at a time. This will be a hard habit for me to break…but after my holiday time off, my mind is so blissfully happy being able to concentrate and focus.  It makes for more productive, more engaged, more creative thinking and is so against how our world is wired these days.  But I’m going to try.

my office

*Finish our home.  We’re in.  Boxes unpacked, furniture in place.  But that lived in homey-home feel is still a work in progress.

*Consume less.  Do more.  I am a lover of things.  You can tell that with one glance at my blog, my office, my closet…I adore stuff.  But this year, I’m going to take a break from stuff.  Not a break-up mind you, just a break.  Less stuff means less to clean, less to store, less to worry about.  Which leaves me more time for doing more.  Cooking. Crafting.  Getting my butt in better shape.  Don’t worry – I’ll still share my loves with you here so I can still adore stuff, but from a short distance.

So my friends, I am excited and happy to be starting another wonderful year!  I am ending 2010 grateful for so many things – family, friends, health + happiness, all the goodness that is life.  And I’m grateful for you too my dear readers!  Thanks for sticking it out with me.

To help me do a bit more in 2011, I’m going to be scaling back on my postings here.  I’m not going away, just going to be here a bit less regularly.  For now.  We’ll see how it goes.  If you miss me, you can always see what I’m looking at over at Pinterest or my latest photos on Flickr. Or drop me an email at thesomedayblog{at}gmail.com.

Happy 2011!


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