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Spring Things

Salmon + Poppy

Paint Chip Valentines







Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

Hello friends!  Here I sit at home – patiently awaiting the arrival of our first baby.  Who is either apparently going to have an extreme personality – either very Zen-like and calm (fingers crossed!) OR very stubborn and strong-willed.  The due date has come and gone and the little one sits snug and quiet, showing no signs of coming out to meet his/ her anxious parents!!  Oh well!  In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on all things web and wasting enjoying lots of time reading, window shopping and bookmarking future craft projects and recipes (for when I have some free time around about – say, oh, 2013.)  A few favorites from the week so far:

 {via Metal Pressions)

Eyeing these beautiful pendant charms to commemorate the little ones arrival.  Someday.  Soon.

{via spoon fork bacon}

Looking forward to making these spinach stuffed shells as a hearty winter dinner.  And also looking forward to reading this new-to-me blog more often…welcome to the reading list spoon fork bacon!!

{via Ruby Press}

Seriously crushing on this monogrammed letterpress stationery from Portland shop, Ruby Press.  Added to wish list, check!!

{from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts via Oh Happy Day}

My new gift wrap for holiday?  Maybe…just maybe.

{via Urban Comfort}

Lace decoupaged vases…a seemingly simple craft even I may be able to pull off in mass!

{via Purl Soho}

After many, many delays – my iPhone 4S is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  And I think I’ve found the perfect case!  A hard case just waiting for you to apply your own cross-stitching wizardry.  Love.

a doozy of druzy…

I’ve long been crushing on this druzy ring from the oh-so-fab Melissa Joy Manning.  But alas, I can’t bring myself to part with the $1k it would take to make it my own…instead, I’ve got my eye on these equally as lovely but much more palatable baubles.

via Anthropologie

via Endless

via Margaret Dodge

Happy Spring!

Recycled Paper Pencils via From Soul

Hello lovelies!  I’ve quite enjoyed taking a little bloggy break, but wanted to pop into today to share a few things I’m just loving for spring.

Heart Postcard via Set Editions

This is my favorite time of year…flowers blooming, grass greening and the best weather a girl who lives in Texas could hope for.  I just wish these darn wildfires and allergies would blow on away to leave us to enjoy our spring in peace!!

Spring Tulips via Photogenic Gallery

Etsy Finds: Handmade for the Holidays

Brooklyn Bottle Vase via Alyssa Ettinger

There’s nothing I love more than crafting gifts for my friends and family…this year though, I’ve barely found the time to complete my shopping list, let alone craft for hours.  Instead, I’m turning to Etsy for some handmade goodness to share with those I love.

Custom Pendant Necklace via Lucky Me Beads

Mermaid Napkins via Katherine J Lee

Make a Point Pencil Set via Paper Pastries

Bookmarks via Briones + Co

Slippers via Bure Bure

Hand Embroidery via The Merrieweather Council

Three Questions for Judy Kaufmann

I stumbled upon Judy Kaufmann’s work recently, and it was love at first sight!  This super talented illustrator from Barcelona instantly drew me in…

Her whimsical use of color, conversational content and modern design had me wanting to find out more and more about  her work and process.  So I asked her to share with us her answers to three simple questions…

Someday Girl: I adore your work – so modern, playful and fun.  Where do you find your inspiration?
Judy: As I always say I’m  especially inspired by things I don’t understand, don’t know, don’t know how to do or I am not. A lot of things that do not belong to my life inspire me. I’m amazed by the unexpected, the unknown, the magic, not the trick… On the other hand I also have a bizarre and explosive inspiration rush when I go to museums and galleries and get involved with different colors and formats, whether I like what I’m seeing or not. After the experience of a good exposition, it’s impossible for me not to sit at my desk to draw.

SG Name three things we’d be surprised to find in your studio/ workspace?
Judy: On my desk wall I have a picture of Linda Evangelista and other one of Charlotte Gainsbourg; they both have an inspiring beauty (: I also have a big panel with different colors printed where I can see how they behave together, apart from many different pictures and small illustrations. Maybe the most liked is an old french poster saying “Travaillez en Silence” (Work in Silence)

SG: Describe your perfect day to create.
Judy: Waking up at 9AM, turn on the heater in winter and then to sit to read my new emails. After that I have breakfast and  think about the order of the day. I try to answer emails an make phone calls first in the morning. If is not to frozen outside, I always go to the swimming pool, and then all afternoon is to create. I make at least one new drawing per day. That’s my perfect and my most common day of work.

Thanks Judy for sharing your inspiration and your work with us.  I’m inspired to have my own perfect day of creating soon too!!  See more of Judy’s work here and here.

Etsy Finds: Let it Snow

via Doble Ele

This cold weather has me thinking snow…but here in Texas, I’ll have to settle for some winter white gazing instead.

via Birdcage Supply

via Larime Loom

via Lucy Snowe Photography

via Sweet & Simple

via Prince Design UK

via Shartreuse Studio



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