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Currently Coveting: Gadget Gear

An iPhone, a blackberry, two laptops and too many notebooks to count…no wonder I’m a bit scattered at the moment.  I’m working out a plan to streamline the mess, which of course for me starts with some online shopping!!  On my gadget wishlist today:

{via Jess LC)

A new iPad cover with a slot for a notebook, business cards, pen – and I’m hoping a lip gloss:)  Perfect for the me who likes to be connected, but still enjoys the actual process of writing…

{via Belkin}

Since my iPad has become the default cookbook, I’m eyeing this stand that perfectly displays the recipe du jour on our kitchen island.  Bonus – the stylus would keep my screen food-free…

{via Bose}

I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade from the standard issue Apple headphones to something a little more grown-up…

{via Vers}

A beautiful wood speaker + docking station for my iPhone…definitely not a need, but oh-how-cool.


Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

Hello friends!  Here I sit at home – patiently awaiting the arrival of our first baby.  Who is either apparently going to have an extreme personality – either very Zen-like and calm (fingers crossed!) OR very stubborn and strong-willed.  The due date has come and gone and the little one sits snug and quiet, showing no signs of coming out to meet his/ her anxious parents!!  Oh well!  In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on all things web and wasting enjoying lots of time reading, window shopping and bookmarking future craft projects and recipes (for when I have some free time around about – say, oh, 2013.)  A few favorites from the week so far:

 {via Metal Pressions)

Eyeing these beautiful pendant charms to commemorate the little ones arrival.  Someday.  Soon.

{via spoon fork bacon}

Looking forward to making these spinach stuffed shells as a hearty winter dinner.  And also looking forward to reading this new-to-me blog more often…welcome to the reading list spoon fork bacon!!

{via Ruby Press}

Seriously crushing on this monogrammed letterpress stationery from Portland shop, Ruby Press.  Added to wish list, check!!

{from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts via Oh Happy Day}

My new gift wrap for holiday?  Maybe…just maybe.

{via Urban Comfort}

Lace decoupaged vases…a seemingly simple craft even I may be able to pull off in mass!

{via Purl Soho}

After many, many delays – my iPhone 4S is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  And I think I’ve found the perfect case!  A hard case just waiting for you to apply your own cross-stitching wizardry.  Love.

a doozy of druzy…

I’ve long been crushing on this druzy ring from the oh-so-fab Melissa Joy Manning.  But alas, I can’t bring myself to part with the $1k it would take to make it my own…instead, I’ve got my eye on these equally as lovely but much more palatable baubles.

via Anthropologie

via Endless

via Margaret Dodge

Calendar Round-Up

Letterpress Coaster Calendar via Meadowlark Creative

I love a new calendar…blank and waiting to be filled in with fun reminders!!  I’ll be using the bright, happy red one below.  What about you?

Calendar via Bookbinders Design

Zig Zag Calendar via May Day Studio

Accordion Calendar via Snow and Graham

Letterpress Calendar via Ink + Wit

Academic Calendar via Paper Source

Bunny Calendar via The Paper Thieves

Perpetual Calendar via Orange Beautiful

Wall Calendar via Smudge Ink

Etsy Finds: Handmade for the Holidays

Brooklyn Bottle Vase via Alyssa Ettinger

There’s nothing I love more than crafting gifts for my friends and family…this year though, I’ve barely found the time to complete my shopping list, let alone craft for hours.  Instead, I’m turning to Etsy for some handmade goodness to share with those I love.

Custom Pendant Necklace via Lucky Me Beads

Mermaid Napkins via Katherine J Lee

Make a Point Pencil Set via Paper Pastries

Bookmarks via Briones + Co

Slippers via Bure Bure

Hand Embroidery via The Merrieweather Council

(good) Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Today’s gift guide is all about stocking stuffers.   And does double duty as items you can feel really good in giving as they help someone in need this holiday season.  Shopping, gifts and feeling good…what’s not to love?  Stock up now!

Water bottle, $24.95;  Kiva gift card, $25 and up;  Honeybees (or a variety of other animals) from $30;  Darfur Peace Basket, $38; Panagea Bar Soap, $8; Sari Cosmetic Case, $10; West Elm Origami Banks, $12.99 and up (profits go to St. Jude’s); Tom’s Shoes, $54.

Today I’m Loving: Personalized Paper

I’m having one of those never-ending crazy days (weeks, months, year…) and thinking that personalized writing goods would make it all better.

Not really, but the thought of taking the time to handwrite a heartfelt note seems like a welcome break to these technology warped hands of mine.

And, psssst.  Wouldn’t a personalized gift like these make the perfect holiday surprise for a friend?

images top to bottom:  Geometry Stationery via Minted; Stamp via Primele; Heart Flower via Egg Press.



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