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Shop to Love: Olive Manna

Hello bloggy friends!  I’m so sorry for my absence – life has been so amazingly FULL lately that I’ve had to let a few things fall to the wayside.   Regular blog posting being one of them.  I’ll try to be back a little more often this fall, but with the arrival of baby Sones fast approaching – I’m not making any promises:)  In the meantime –  I wanted to share some soothing eye candy with you this Tuesday.

A shop I’ve long adored – but recently rediscovered, Olive Manna, is proving to be a great site for nursery inspiration!  After spying this nursery nook on ohdeedoh, I immediately hopped over to Olive Manna’s shop to track down some must-have supplies.

A few of my current obsessions are shown here – don’t you think they’d make the perfect finishing touches for a nursery?  Soothing for baby and mom…

I’m off to place an order pronto!


rooms that make you go hmmmm…

I’m loving the bit of whimsy in each of these rooms.  The unexpected details that tell you they don’t take themselves too seriously…

via Kishani Perera

via House to Home

via House and Home

I’m craving a bit of whimsy in my home…what will it be?

gaga for gawker.

Come close.  I’m about to share with you the most inspiring time-sucker I am currently obsessing over.  Have you been to the wonderful gawker family of sites yet?  If not, click fast my friends and find your new obsession. It’s a never ending stream of the most beautiful food/ crafts/ spaces and weddings all presented for you to sort, hunt and gaze your way through.





Gawk away my friends…

Interior Inspiration: Home for the Holidays

via Living Etc.

Tomorrow is the first official day of December.  And I am guessing that means that many of you have already begun to decorate your homes for the holidays.  Who am I kidding, many of you have probably already finished, right?  via House to Home

Me?  Nope.  Didn’t quite get to that yet.  Nevermind that I’m not even sure where my one measly box of decorations ended up in the move.  I’m sure it will turn up sooner or later…right around December 26th.

via Sweet Paul

Here’s to hoping these little interiors will inspire me in BIG way to get my act in gear!  This year, I’m loving  a simple color palette.  Like this blue + green beauty below – or the soft neutrals above.  I think keeping it to one color really elevates the look, don’t you?

viaRue Magazine

And I’m also loving this simple table setting – perfect for a quick Christmas cocktail party or maybe a brunch which I’m just itching to host!

via Home Life

Happy decorating!!



our house is becoming a home….

Can you believe the holidays are almost here?   Seriously, where did the year go?  Just in time for a few guests – we finally decided to actually hang some art.  In our dining room, we have this great little area to display a random collection.

Some photographs and collages by me, a painting of Chicago by a friend, a couple of postcards collected from my travels and a giant S to remind me of my last name as my husband likes to joke.

It’s the perfect set up for me – who tends to be a commitment phobe about actually hanging things on the wall.  When the mood strikes, I can quickly change out photos or shadow boxes to fit the occasion.  And we can add pieces in as we find them.

We also hung a series of palladium prints in our hallway and I love the way it looks.  The prints were a gift from my super talented photographer friend Thom Jackson, and were shot on location of shoots we were on together in the past few years.

I think the tepee is my favorite, but the three together is simply stunning.

One thing I love about this house is that it has lights just for our artwork…and it had three in the hall, the perfect home for this little trio.

That simple task of getting some things on the wall makes this house feel so much more like we.  just.  might.   stay.  At least for a couple of years:)

DIY: Yarn Wrapped Branch

I spent much of the past weekend getting my house guest ready for the holidays…hanging pictures, getting rid of clutter we had accumulated and a touch of decorating.

I had picked up this branch on my fall trip to Broken Bow and couldn’t decide what I was going to use it for.  Until I ran across some gold yarn I had picked up for a crewel project that’s still unfinished. So I thought – quick, easy DIY.  So easy in fact, I’m a bit embarrassed to post directions…but anywho.  Any branch or yarn would work – one without the pinecones would be a bit easier, and just as pretty.  I picked the crewel yarn for it’s color, and also for it’s texture – it’s a bit more lofty than other yarns, so has a nice cozy feel – perfect for fall. I’ve seen other variations online that mix several colors of yarn, but for me – I prefer the modern look of one bold color.

To start, I secured one end of the yarn to the branch with some heavy duty tape…which gets wrapped over and over, so it’s never seen.  I would have preferred hot glue, but my gun bit the dust on my last craft project and I’ve yet to replace it.

I tried a variety of wrapping techniques…starting out using a single thread and wrapping many times around.  But as I got going, I experimented with using two sets of two threads to cover more area a bit more quickly.  To end each section, I would simply knot the ends and cut them off as close as possible.

Some sections I double wrapped, which went a bit slower than the above, but was easier to maneuver.  To start, I would use a slip knot so the yarn stayed in place…this was a helpful way to also hide the knots.

Don’t worry if bits of the bark fall off, I lost quite a bit – but in the end you will never miss them!

And done!  I left the tips exposed because I liked the juxtaposition of the bark and yarn, but feel free to end yours wherever you feel!  A quick, inexpensive, cute holiday home project.

Happy (feather) Friday!

Feathered Dinner No. 13 –  Villareal Ceramics

I’m looking forward to a weekend of feathering our nest.
Captured Plume Ornament SetAnthropologie

Hanging pictures, rearranging furniture and making our home more homey.
Ceramic Feather TrayAlexander’s

Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend planned!



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